Vpn and account

can using a vpn app to earn more coins with offers result in banning the account?

Yes and no.

Yes, it will lead to a Tapjoy ban.
No, it won’t lead to a Scopely ban.

is tapjoy’s ban permanently?

I have no idea, sorry.

ok lady thx :3

I use VPN, not to get coins as I don’t particularly care for losing 30seconds of my life for 3 coins, but because my game is much slower without it and I can’t get any offers without it. I swap between different locations all the time
I do of course open videos for the daily mission and in those times I am very rarely rewarded coins - but it does still sometimes occur (annoyingly because then I have to sit through 3 videos), so it’s definitely not a permanent ban or else it would never happen again since I keep changing locations.

I don’t think he’s talking about videos though, he specifically said to do offers.

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Ah fair play. Still, if tapjoy haven’t permanently banned me for using a VPN on videos then I doubt they would have on offers.

If you use vpn
Are we able to watch more than 30 vid?

It’s because they read / heard somewhere they can cheat TapJoy‘s system by getting same offers again when using a VPN.

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I can’t with Express VPN when logging into a different location from China - I can rarely watch even one.
Weirdly the location you are when logging onto the VPN still makes a difference to the videos. When I have logged on in California, Toronto or NYC I always got videos with or without the VPN. When not using a VPN in the UK videos activated just sometimes, in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and other Asian/Australasian countries, even less and in China never. When I use a VPN in these other countries it makes it more likely that videos will activate, especially if I use a US based server, but it is never a guarantee. It’s almost RNG!
I never watch more than 3 if they are working so I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but the greatest chance you will have of being able to watch more than 30 videos is being North American based and using North American VPN servers after the first 30.

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RNG in Tapjoy videos shown in a game chock full of RNG? Seems inplausible… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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