VOTING TIME Anti-harrasment measures poll

How do you feel about the new anti harramsent measures scopely has taken to make the game better, more civilized and a safer environment for everyone <3 Reports coming in people getting banned within factions who don’t even talk outside it, people getting banned for sending pm messages… Gc dying due to no motivation cause chats are messed up with #’'s. But at lease the Loss ratio of w/l was taken away so people with high losses can’t be teased anymore.

  • I like it, it was needed
  • I don’t like it it’s causing unwanted problems
  • I hate it it’s killing my motivation for playing
  • It is a good step but needs to be refined
  • Take action now & remove it #Freedomofspeech

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We should have the option to turn it on or off. Why must Scopely be like Instagram and pander to people who don’t know how to block others.


This blows my mind really. If you check forum majority of players are against this. I once mentioned to a mod that the forum are against soemthing and they said to me “the forum represents a very small community of the player base and can’t be the decisive body over whether something should or could be removed.” But that makes me think, how small is the percentage of players who physically complained? I think the person who brought this to the team, Shane, was horribly over exaggerating and most of the people who shared their" stories of in game harassment" were just looking for Attention cause they saw she was passionate about it due to the fact that she got bombarded with harramsent cause very little people liked her as CM.


What makes me laugh, is that it bans you for swearing, but blocks your swearing from being visible. But if your swearing isn’t visible, then you haven’t sworn. If I write #### you have no idea if I just said the f-word, such as “food”, a c-word, such as “cost” or the s-word, such as “slow”.

It is pretty much one step away from the minority report.

But in terms of the poll, please don’t use the term freedom of speech. Because freedom of speech does not mean freedom from repercussions…


Hey, #### you.


Remove it from faction chat. Simple as that.

If someone’s acting up the leaders can do their job. If the leaders are acting up, people can leave. No need for an external control


NAN they need make a new game called the walking dead road to G showflake town survival

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The block button has always worked fine for me. Shrug.


Freedom of speech doesn’t apply here.


Here is a healthy piece of advice, if words hurt your feelings, maybe your not mentally mature enough to use the internet unsupervised. Just saying, facts don’t care about feelings, and words can’t harm you.

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Coming from someone who literally had the most abrasive stalker, who was threatening to râpe and murder me almost on a daily basis…Im gonna say I never had an issue blocking him. I along with almost everyone in my region just blocked him. Its funny though bc yall did nothing for me in 3 yrs with this man, no matter how much everyone reported him, no matter how many ss we sent in of the descriptive horrific things he threatened to do to me or the fact he gave out my personal information he paid for. So your solution to people like him is to punish EVERYONE who hands you money and/or plays this game nonstop bc we love it. How does it go from one extreme to the other? Why is there no middle ground where we can CHOOSE to turn it on or off? I went through a shit ton with my stalker and dont want this chat censorship garbage. All youre doing is making people hate this game.


If the forum is a very small community then why have it?

Amen 7char

You have seen my comments before lol

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As is always the case with things like this, the REAL motivation has nothing to do with ‘protecting’ people from speech they don’t like, thats just a strawman.

Its about the people in charge controlling what people can say.
(usually to protect themselves, their power or their $)

I’m sorry that happened to you but there have been numerous posts about better anti harrasment in game even though some, like me, just said to block them. Instead, now we are stuck with this. Go back and see. There were so many posts.

I am not a programmer but perhaps they don’t have the option to keep it out of faction chat or to allow players to turn it on or off.

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I was just speaking to my point of view on this outrageous chat censorship. I have been tormented almost since the launch of this game by someone, and i do NOT agree with this censorship. I had no issue blocking him. He would make a new profile and i would block that one too, for years. I kept playing the game because i love it and its an escape from stress and shit irl, as im sure is the case for most people. But the fact that people are being banned for cussing or saying silly shit thats not even offensive literally makes a lot of us not want to play anymore. Cant wait to see how badly this affects next war.

i just want to be able to say howdy folks again without being censored

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Yea it’s terrible. I haven’t encountered anyone that’s been banned yet. Are they banned from the game or from just chat?