Voting for characters from us

We should be able to pick one character a month we think should ascend by voting. U guys will choose the stats but aleast give us a say in the canidates.


Gator is due for ascendence, what more do we need?



Descend yvette and flush from game…

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I want to ascend Benedict! - Just kidding.

I would like to see a 6* hard hitting Sophia.

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Come on this can be real if the forum gets behind us

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Yellow Morgan - this should be a no-brainer considering it’s one of the most popular toons out there.
Annie - as a large drop leader, as not all of us had the good rng of getting Rosa (I failed 12 times already), and Annie is one of the most common farmers.

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Personally I want whisper into screams Jesus ascended.

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Bonnie caroline eric ben lee (yes i know) blandrea earl aow jesus og zek og michonne tyreese. All underwhelming toons that many people have a lot of. And release them faster.

Priya 6★. Esa sería buena :sollozo:

It takes a bit longer than that to create an ascendable character or it’s ascended counter part. :frowning:
But! We are working on ways to incorporate community voting in-game at some capacity.


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Takes a lot more people than that Navy Buckeye.

Ever heard of “too many cooks spoil the broth”… Might be why it takes so long:/

You guys have the money stop being cheap and hire more staff.

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Welcome to forums where you can flag anything your heart desires ( place flag here ) keep on flagging