Vote for war start time

  • Friday Start
  • Saturday Start

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What about Thursday? Or Never? Poll is too exclusive.


Thursday would be a bad start time imo lol


No options for morning, afternoon, evening? Cause I don’t want a Friday morning war start.


The poll is basically asking if you want to go back to normal start time or the new format. Not suggesting different friday times


The options are spot on. Old school war times or new ones no point in giving 10 options as scopley won’t do it but reverting back there is a chance they will


War starts on Saturday for me anyway no way I’m waiting up on a Friday night for it :grin:


I preferred original Friday start times, many of my faction mates did also. As pointed out in another thread by someone in number 1 faction, people have a hard time getting all the milestones, most of my faction mates are those people, but we are not in a number 1 faction, so all the time for my faction mates is less Because we have to battle top factions constantly that we can not beat, which is fine and not complaining, but most of my faction mates will be lucky to get a few attacks in, nevermind 4 before being destroyed. So it takes them longer to get the points need for the milestones. Now that war has been shortened by at least 16 hours, it makes trying for them harder. Just my opinion


I agree @Jason_FTD2 it is a grind to get to those milestines for most


Start time to me isn’t as important as duration. I’d rather se wars longer, not shorter, regardless of the start time/day.


Almost 9-1 in favor of bringing back start time to Friday :grin:


Friday is when i play most, gotta have some time for my wife on the weekend


What if I don’t care?

I’m fine with either, nothing wrong with changing it up every now and again.


Umm whose Friday and Saturday though…?




For inner region - two day war starting Friday for me please.


Friday start time for both CRW, and Inter-Region Wars, always. If they start on Saturday, at least let it continue into Monday morning like before.


@kalishane can you please show these numbers to the team. :grin:


I liked it when it didn’t start at 9 , I might not be remembering correctly though but I have this feeling that it started early on Friday and then finished on Sunday a few times when I was new