VK Solo Level up rewards

I guess the gold nuggets can’t be complained about if thats going to be the rewards for every upcoming event. Elite item tokens, pretty dissapointing to be honest, pretty much garbage most time, pull burt and hiking boots just gets annoying.

But the milestones don’t seem to be changing at all. Haven’t seen a beanie milestone in forever its just flak jacket after flak jacket… Think i have like 8 flak and 0 beanies now bc of milestones…

The 1M + milestone bags are the same legendary gear we all know.

Let me know what y’all think of these

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Milestones dropped by 50k for the first 2, which were the main complaints when it came to the Dwight event where the first 2 milestones had featured event items.

Still not nearly low enough for new players, even with the point change, 50k and 100k would be more reasonable I think.

My region didn’t have the Faction LU so not sure how the new point system will play out with milestones. Still kinda annoying that theres more flaks than beanies.

Time will tell if the increase to renown points was enough for new players, but outright saying that the milestones hasn’t been changed is false.


yeah that would be like my mom asking me to put on nicer clothes while I’m wearing pajamas and i change my hat

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