VK leaks! Brand new bunch of chars and spencer is going to be ascendable


Gather up folks, I’m about to post them

Leaks most are tbd but leaks

One looks like Spencer
We have a blue neagan
And mo premier bit none of the list




All brandnew p2p or any chance for me to get one?


Yet again they create new promo 5*blue Carl instead of using already existed one who used to be a promo too anyways ugh


Only spencer if you won the crw, otherwise you should wait for listed og five stars like wanderer etc


At least Spencer ascendble it looks like.
Ppl who got him crw should be happy he looks ever also note how most have rts # titles
While the Spencer looking one
Has a diff title


Hoping that Spencer is ascendable from the useless CRW prize and not a new premier, be nice to make him worthwhile for those of us lucky enough to have him


You can’t win crw with only pure luck though :joy_cat: They should make him worthy




This is scopely, until he’s out (probably 2021 at current pace) I believe nothing

May actually bother levelling him now though :joy:


Well I google translated the vk leaks listed where you’d find Spencer
And we’ll translate said it
In engrish


It seems odd that all the 5* are 66 ap.
That was the standard used for war prizes back in the day.
The only one that looks like a premier recruit is Michelle. Her 6* version has absolute defence and +30% defence on her weapon.

Don’t wanna jump to conclusions or get my hopes up. I’ll wait patiently to see what comes of this.

Who’s next up on the docket?

Well Michelle looks scary imdeed
And because she’s a tank
There could be a chance that she’s a sheild
Either way if they make her rush really good Michelle look like she already gonna be generating the bank accounts high for scopley


All p2w asides from the few who got Spencer


Noting exciting here… unless they are war rewards


I dont think everyone kept him
So I think. Most of them are like shiiiiiiit
But he’s probably gonna be like winter zeke most likely


Looks like spencer is going to be a legacy toon. Props to scopely for the surprise legacy.

Anna’s a comic character, so I’m excited for her. And it’s time we got a new Harlan. Michelle’s abs defense looks sick, and she’s a non-comic whisperer, which is very interesting. I’m wishing they’d made the Andrea ascendable from all out war Andrea, but you can’t have it all, I suppose.


@kalishane Why does scopley always create new characters that are identical to old ones?! Just make the og neut Carl and the old yellow Andrea ascendable. It’s not that hard! Same thing applies with the old Andrea, Laura, Green (leaked) Abraham, etc.