Vk Hackers everywhere!

Wtf is with all these ppl having crista lvld up past t1 already…I have 1 knife & 20 gold with a t1 Crista, I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any gold bars so wtf is up?


Some Arenas are automatically maxed. For this game mode maybe read before accusing people.


I seen a tiered up james in arenas earlier and how I knew that was because he had the Hat on which there’s no way anybody could have tiered him up already

Isn’t there a way to block people from using vk

VK is a social network with a least 500 million accounts. According to SimilarWeb its the 12th most visited website in the world. No, there is no way for Scopely to block people from using VK…as a social network.

Hackers also use VK. Specifically as a platform to “sell” ingame items of different games, including RTS. Which means that they are just advertising their “services” via VK groups and they are not using VK for hacking and data mining. It would be like using Facebook to hack RTS.


The least they could do is to implement a mechanism that detects those who cheat, manipulate data files or use 3rd party services. Should’ve been easy with the millions of revenue they’ve made and their skilled coders.


It is strange that for years now Scopely can’t implement mechanism that would be able to detect toons, coins and gear that had appeared out of thin air. Really strange.

That’s a good joke. These “skilled coders” can’t release a single thing without fcking up.


No they are instantly tier 4 level 150 in draft this isn’t hackers this is just the game mode it is the same with 6 stars all of them are max


Lol facts

Ok cool thanks for the heads up

Ah my bad lol

Report them :frowning:

You can use it too your advantage as some of my best toons such as camilla isn’t max but on draft she is

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Definetlly to low stats, like for Fully upgrade SClass

Nice, good to know…thnx for the heads up

Are we fighting against bots or real players in arena. Cause I hate fighting against toons that I have drafted and I see that drafted toon with their assigned weapon upgraded.

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After seeing similar posts like this, I started asking the same question. :joy: I thought we were fighting other players. :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Other players. But in some cases their def teams are auto picked. Just a group of the strongest toons that particular player has.

Had you ever checked that shield sign in the arenas? To see who had attacked YOU.

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Then again it gotta be bots. You can’t draft a free s class. Pete counts but he’s non s class or s class (I forgot)

They are just auto maxed. That’s why Chista/James are lvl 150. They dont have 6" versions while Pete has.

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