:rebel: VK Event Calendar[Solo Survival Road Start 25.12.2017 at 20:00 on Moscow time]

So, I thought it would be useful while Shane is busy, I’ll be uploading every upcoming event in here(one thread to keep them all), some of them datamined very late for my time zone so feel free to replace me in doing it. Cheers!
It will be general category 'cause it’s the most popular one :wink:


it would be great if someone could pin this thread then


@MICK_DEAD_END won’t you mind pinning this thread if possible. Or should I tag Kali for that request?




Didnt Kalishane create the Event Calender for this…? Or am I missunderstanding the thread?

In case anyone needs the link: :leader: Tournament Calendar [Edited 12/19]

That one is an official event calendar and it wasn’t updated about previous level up, that’s why I want to implement VK version of it, so no one actually have need to visit it by themselves :slight_smile:


Oh, sorry my bad then :smiley:

And: Thanks for doing this! :+1:

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Anyone know what events we have next week? Anything on VK? Hopefully we have 0 level ups.


did you read kalishanes statement?

Not yet, I’ll be informing you though this particular thread if I see one :wink:

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So three every week then? Lmao great. Look forward to not taking part in any of them then. As I’m almost out of toons to lvl. Like most people I’m sure. :-1:

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Yeah you’d love to and so am I, but next week they’ll launch some new museum collection, put few of required items in milestones here and there and here we go, game addicts in a nutshell :joy::man_shrugging:t3:

maybe a rename of the game comes up? you know “change is coming”

the walking dead - road to solo lvl up


It actually sounds like a good title. Maybe better delete the post cus that’s something they might take note and listen too :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Nothing in the near future, few trainers crates and harvest crates, that’s pretty much it :frowning:

Solo raid tourney

Start 26 November 2017 at 21:00 on Moscow time


Thanks for posting this. Now I know for sure I’m getting Dwight.

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Same here, thanks dude xoxoxoxo

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