VK and event leaks


So VK has leaked its SOLO level up instead of faction like you stated on your event calendar like you put. I understand things are subject to change but my question is… Do you guys not speak to each other at all? It really seems like it.


@kalishane is not taken serious at scopely headquarters :frowning:

Kali stand up for your rights!


How many threads on this topic do we really need?

I’m sure when @kalishane clocks in the 5 other threads will jump out at her


The fact that it never gets addressed means a few more threads wouldn’t hurt. I’m sure she tries her best but it shows that nothing is ‘brought to the team’ or ‘is currently being worked on’ or at least nothing brought to her attention about VK. Btw, keep surviving!


working as a CM @ScopelyHQ be like:


Seriously!!! Why change from a Faction to a solo? We just had a solo. Alot of factions save for the faction events. Also, the prizes are so horrible we are just going to do the minimum. No reason wasting our resources for the prizes . I have usually stood up for Scopely in the past, because it looked like they were trying when they added Kalishane to the forum. But them leaving her out of the loop on something this visible is ridiculous.


Seriously? Another solo? Guess my xp missions will have to wait to collect. Bummer.