Vitality Clementine Video


A new specialist skill has entered the game and this time it’s for defense. Let’s take a in-depth look at Clementines first introduction into the 6* era.

Does she add anything to your roster? If so, are you going to pull for her?


Won’t do a Single Pull. She’s Nice and all but I’m satisfiend enougth for Today :grin:

Double Knox. Hoever this is possible


Shes not that good


top quality on the screenshot :ok_hand:


That’s not a Screenshot. Actually it’s a shot of a Screenshot from the Game


would have been more clear to just tell us that you go two knox


Damn is that 4K resoulution :eyes:


Must be far sighted and have the screen 6 inches from your face to come into focus.


And then someone would Come and say the usual “Screen or it didn’t happen” :wink:


Fixed (characters)