Visual bug with rick

As you can see, some glowing effects are behind Rick and they are not in front Screenshot_20190324-193207_Walking%20Dead Screenshot_20190324-193146_Walking%20Dead

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Ooo that’s funny.

Is it just Rick or always that position? Not sure why a specific toon would have a layering issue unless it reset wrong after some operation like a rush.

its just rick. if you want i can take more screenshots in differents positions

I must be blind no idea what your referring to lol I see no glowing of anything?

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Its the blue aura thing around the guardian 2/human shield symbol. It shows up in front of every toon except for rick

I see it now. Nothing I’d ever of noticed lol

Really wasted a thread on this :man_facepalming:t5:


There is also a new (I think) visual bug with the tough soldiers. Their helmets fall off when they’ve been attacked, right? But they mysteriously jump back on to their heads. I’ll try to take screenshots.

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