Visual bug on how much damage you do to someone in a territory [logged]

When we attacked we only owned Kingdom at the time. I sure would love to slap people up for -900 though.

I only did -300 damage to them as when it was being deducted I saw it was only -300 being deducted but it is showing -900.

Has always been there for as long as i know. So i doubt its a visual bug.
I understand the toon only has 600 health but that doesn’t mean extra “damage” can’t be inflicted so to speak. Happens in raids all the time, like every AR basically overkills a toon

I’m confused, sorry. Before the update when I attacked someone and they died I should of done -300 to them. It shows -900.

No damage done is a time based thing. When the faction first takes a spot the damage is 300 then over time it goes to 450, 600, etc. So at 450 and under it takes 2 hits to remove the defense. At 600 and up it takes one hit to remove the defense. I think at one time the quality of the toon was going to have something to do with the damage rates but it was removed from the game.

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But I only did -300 damage to them as in when I saw the actual amount being deducted it was 300. Sorry I left that part of information out before.

Yes, so when the spot is new and its taking 300 or 450 damage you will hit each toon for 300 of the 600 “health” thus taking two hits to remove it.

After they have held the spot for longer and let’s say its now 900 damage like in your pic you are hitting the toon for 600 health thus only needing one hit to remove it.

It’s stupid but just remember if the spot is 450 or less you do 1500 total damage but if its taking 600 or more then you do 3000 damage.

It’s so the longer a faction holds a spot the easier it is to take it from them.

I did the math though and it was only deducting -300. I fought that same person twice. If I was able to do 900 damage I wouldn’t of been able to do that seeing the toons only have 600.

No you need to seperate the two damages. They are not one and the same. You can only hit for 1500 or 3000 health. Like I said at one time they were gonna make a 5 star harder to kill than a 2 star thus the 300-900 range. Now it works exactly like I said.

Yes 1500 damage if I do -300 to each which is what literally happened but it isn’t showing that visually as it is showing -900 which is not what I did to each character.

They might have changed something with the update today.