Visual bug, mirabelle with yumiko’s crossbow



I’ve been told that it’s not visual stuff, we’ll SS his team next time, mirabelle don’t have any weapon, but if u check it it’s gonna be the crossbow lol

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Moved it to general since no one is checking in bugs category


It’s definitely a visual bug my faction mate ended up with Wyatt shown with 5 star red Maggie’s locked shotgun which he has no upgrades on instead of Wyatts harpoon which he has stun when attacking on.


When we are fighting against it triggers a stronger trait special mode and the burning arrows flying right from the mirabelle bare hands


Lol that sounds kinda bad ass I hope you take a video I want to see that. :joy:


It’s been reported, i faced a mira with Shiva claws multiple times this war. They weren’t stunning me but it was just visual. Glitch glitch glitchidy glitch. Thats what this game is known for, why would they change it.


Scopely: Seize the Glitch


It’s just a visual glitch, the status effects don’t trigger at all


I don’t believe this is a visual bug, actually, but the cause should have been fixed in the latest update. If anyone reproduces the bug themselves since updating to 9.3.1, please do post.


Fingergun showdown! I like it, gives her more of a pilot look, rather than a hardened survivor using rally racing gear.