VIP points 15 chara

That’s changed now. They’ve just announced they’re shortening the “event” because points aren’t counting for prestige 13 players. It will now end on Monday.

So without spending you’ll get even less. I think you should just make it to 2000 for the first set of paws though if you get 350 a day.


Basically f2p cant get 1 token now. Good work scopely not


My daily prestige points haven’t counted either.

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Seems prestige 13 aren’t getting these points?

I made two purchases and received my daily prestige points and I am still stuck on zero.

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger you guys are honestly monsters. Let’s reduce the time so f2p players can’t get even a single paw token.

Seriously what goes through your minds??

So sick of the way this company treats players.


P2P aren’t getting them either so it isn’t just a F2P problem

Agreed but Prestige 13 are getting compensation

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They don’t care about < p13

Once again, a new low has been reached by scopes. Nice job. Just when I finally thought these prestige points would be useful again…

No, it’s been shortened from 15 days to 5. You can get 1750 “VIP” points now, so can’t get the bear Paw at all…

If Scopely retracted the event completely and reinstalled it (fixed) later, it would be OK. But cutting it down to 5 days to give all F2Ps the finger and give some meagre compensation to P13 spending players is simply a huge load of crap for every player involved.

I’m actually glad I haven’t bought the BP key now and will keep contemplating the purchase a couple days more…


Dont worry we dont get the bear paws now rhe p13 players get comp for it meanwhile the others dont honestly we all knew they catered to the whales now its shown before your eyes cuts the event short screws all the people not p13 but give only p13 comp while f the rest of us


That’s so sad

FTP don’t need comp though…they’re getting the rewards still.
These Paws aren’t required to get Brutus, you only need them if you intend to get him earlier than everyone else.


Sorry must have miscalculated,I forgot the first day doesn’t count. That sucks.

If they hadn’t shortened it and just compensated prestige 13 players that would have been fair because they would be the only ones inconvenienced. But now it affects everyone they really should consider that. Could they really not have finished it on Tuesday just so people could at least get a paw token?

You know the answer, so why the question? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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