Vincent Thoughts?

So now that it is known that Vincent is the next free event toon much like Wyatt, what are your thoughts? Comment if you have other thoughts!


  • A must-have!
  • He’s good, another 6* to my roster!
  • Meh. I’ll take him just because he’s a 6*.
  • Awful character! I’m getting gear instead!

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The meh one, and also because he’s one of the handful of melee leaders

I’ve seen defenses made with him. They don’t seem to work as well as Carls.

Wish the option didn’t say he’s awful lol. I just need gear over another melee character.


Need one saying already have him, ill be going for gear

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He’s listed as a damage toon but his stats read more like a tank. I wish I could change out his leader skill to another toon with better stats. That being said if your carlless and mix green and yellow then he is an alternative leader.

Why cant we get a choice of melee or ranged with these events? Remember when we worked towards Jesus or Dwight? Ah, the good old days…

@kalishane. hey shane can you take this to the team. thank you.


he is semi solid if you don’t have Carl and you have Shiva 6* Zeke etc. and want to make a melee team…if you have Carl I would recommend going for gear


he’s alright.

Definitely worth getting.

I mean.

I dunno what these events are soppose to be.
but w,e.

I think hes pretty sweet compared to the other prizes that we’ve been getting. Great move in the right direction


I like him, may finally be able to field a melee defence team now.

It’s going to be a tricky decision. I like the melee lead (I don’t have Carl) but I really need the gear. I’ll work hard and see how much I can collect before deciding. Good work on this Scopely.

Gear is better imo unless u dont have carl, or gator

Would have been nice to see one of the leaked toons like the one-arm Morgan as the toon in the event, and Vincent is just weak.

I’ll take him, but his atk is toooo low =(

My experience agasint him is that he does hit hard agaisnt my blues behind my mirabelle lead so he can be useful for that. He is not going to do the job like carl does for your defense but it doesn’t mean you can’t build the right one either now that Glenn is available. Ideally for me the best combo I see would be double stun claw shivas , stun on attack command Glenn, and Ezekiel and Vincent both holding absolute defense imo.
Plus options for good yellows are not great but he is different and u can use him on attack with a five star negan or a Jesus lead that offers 30 attack and Vlarge so when attacking to knock down blues quickly.
For me personally I have a strong attack team and my carl lead i dont see space for him in it so ill prolly just go for gear first and if I have enough ill grab him last.

Do your blues have same trouble with Zeke rush?

Zeke rush base is 6,555 per hit
Vincent rush base is 6178 per hit

I mean Vincent will do more overall damage because of it being +1 more targets, but I really dislike his extremely low dmg stat considering his role is ‘damage’.


nope 2x duble tap am running.

Going for gear, but not for the reasons noted. I got a few others lined up to ascend and am seriously low on medals. I’m betting on having better options when I do get the medals.

Zeke hits hard agasint my blues too he can kill my blues like 70% of the time.
Blues have low defense thou so it makes sense but I also dont use any hp or def stat weapons in my attack team.

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Well, if you see the total damage output, there is a difference -> zeke: 2x 6555=13110 VS vincent: 3x 6180=18540