VIN-Notorious-Troup (EN)


The heart of VIN will someone go rip it out? Will anyone go challenge them this weekend in war? Id like to see someone go beat them or try at least.

Not a bad group of people…but they cocky cause they beat FKR, Mofos, Nightmare, and Legacy without breaking a sweat.

Heard Gov is offering to pay for transfer keys if you go there and even beat them once. That’s a bargain bin deal!


Why do people care so much about VIN? It’s getting kinda old.


Games best right now…I want to see them get knocked down to earth.
Humble up a bit.


good luck with that


Happy to lose and get better. Would spice up the weekend.


The fuc* is a vin? New faction?


I don’t see an En region taking them down. They will have to go to a Russian or Japanese region to be taken down, even then, that’s gonna be hard to do. They are crazy strong

This comment is only towards notorious. Infamous is good but not as strong


Thank you!! I was scratching my head - huh?


VIN stands for
3 separate factions. Vendetta is in Wilkinson and the other two are in Troup


Come fight us Jax! You scared???


Gotcha. Assuming 3 top tier factions, right?.. Why not split and make multiple factions and fight it out that way? Only logical thing that comes to mind…


Vendetta is top in Wilkinson now but was only top ten for first war post transfers. Infamous is number two now but was 4th last AOW with Kegacy and Mofos finishing ahead of them.
Troup is a ghost town, hence my recruiting thread. Most likely we plan to do something of the sort that you suggested


Yeah competition is scarce around here. Good luck with everything… CRW was great when it first hit. Now…


We didnt run from the fight, you did.


There is no fight in Irwin anymore. That ended with your faux teams and point farming




Seems like the fight in Troup is over aswell. Have fun over there.


Are you all scared to come fight us? Rumor has it Macey has recruited new folks.


We arent going anywhere and especially not on request.


WDE vs Notorious I said someone challenge y’all didn’t Gov beat WDE by himself in CRW?

Nah, next they stand no chance.