Views on CRW based on the poll *Video included


I based the things listed in the video on the results I got from my poll and from participating in various regions. Do you agree?


Let me start by saying this,CRW is supposed to be the main event, I do not think the prizes currently reflect that all across the board. There needs to be a general excitement in the air about ALL of the prizes.

I don’t think there is an answer everyone would be happy with, I would be super pissed if it was like the first crw when the matchmaking had top factions sitting in the que for no reason while casual factions were getting matches left and right. ideally nobody should be stuck with the short end of the stick for too long.


i dunno… i like 8 region crw. there’s always someone to fight, limits automatic coin winners (since its harder to maintain a pure coin win vs 7 other top factions), better for hardcore factions to place better… The matching could be improved as a top 8 faction matching to anything lower than top 32 is pretty bad. but my opinion is likely a minority, since we won our 8 region crw.

i don’t like 4 faction (or less) crw cause its easy for a lesser top faction to coin more to win…


we liked both the rank rewards and the milestone prizes for the most part… lol 3 lilith and 3 ulysses… yeah i like that


Oh yes of course