Videos limits, did scopely solve this in the next update

I know the answer is no , obviously they didn’t
However @JB.Scopely I have a suggestion that can make every one content
1- increase the max of videos to 100 instead of 50 or give us 5 coins/video
2- after a player reach the max (50x5/100x3)
You just stop giving ,but you start giving crates
1 crate per video for the next 200 videos
Created would be like

4Xbasic token (30%)
20X5* tokens (5%)
20X4* weapons tokens (5%)
50X5* tokens (5%)
1Xlegendary trainer (5‰)(0.5%)
1Xburt (2%)
1Xbendict (5‰)
15Xprestige tokens(12%)
200Xsupplies points (16%)
5 coins (3%)
5Xlegendary medals (1%)
500Xascendance medals (10%)
2Xelite character tokens (3%)
50X elite item tokens (5%)
1Xworld refill (1%)
1X raid refill (1%)

After the player reach that limit he will not be able to get anymore rewards ,
So in total all we ask for is an extension of the current limit even if rewards isn’t gold

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Or just take out the limit altogether.


Remove the Benedict, Legendary trainer, legendary medals and replace them with grenades, smelling salts and guts, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

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How are people doing 50? I can only ever do 29 a day.

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Limit is supposedly 50 but a lot of people have only been able to do like 5-30

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You do know the limits are cause it’s monetized advertisement right?

So whatever the terms are, they is likely a limit to the tap joy -> scopely payout as such the limit it so they aren’t just giving free coins for nothing…

Just my two cents.

i get like 3 videos

You can do fifty per account but only thirty per device… so if you want fifty you need two devices. At lest that’s my experience.

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