Videos/ads broken again!

Been trying to watch at least 30 videos to get the max amount of gold and for the past 3 days I have only been able to watch 3 to 7 videos a day which isn’t a great amount of gold.

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50 ads per day is working fine for me so far


Happens sometimes, there are days when I have to try to watch a couple times without success before it finally works. Often I have to restart the game. But I think you have to speak with TapJoy and clarify what’s the issue.


Yep same it’s fked

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50? I only get 30 ads to watch then I get the limit message.

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broken again lol it was broken from the start some people get 50 ads upmost and somepeople dont even get those ads for coins. its kind of different for countries and depends on network sometimes to

Yep i get limit message after 50 vids

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Been 30 here iOS :uk: for ages, not the last few days, but I only started doing them a few days ago as I have very few

Its been amost 5-6 month i could only watch 3-4 videos …

Same here 30 in England

Had 30 vids yesterday, maybe it’s fixed🤷🏼‍♂️

No clue got 18 today.

I get 50 on android in england I watch 30 on 1 device then switch to a 2nd device to watch the other 20

I don’t bother with more than 3 ads per day. And actually prefer when my phone desyncs from google and there are no ads to watch and get the trainers instantly. Another benefit is, all cash offers are greyed out with an overlay saying I need to log in to google, so I can’t accidentally purchase anything :wink:


Only got one today this needs to be sorted.

May be u need to Clear cache

Then get in touch with TapJoy.

Don’t know how to

Here: +44 020 7219 4682 Give them a call, it’s a UK number just so you know it.

Don’t be shy.

I got 2 days no vids now. Should I be concerned?