Video Rewards Reduced now

Reduced from 30 videos to 20. You can still watch videos but you get no rewards.

Another fantastic player focus change.

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im sure i watched 50 yesterday and im on video 29 already today

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Usually get 50 a day

I use to get 30 a day. Only 20 today.

i am too. just watcheted 29 videos today

36 now but to be perfectly honest it would not surprise me at all if they started nerfing the amount of vids per day, those 150 coins a day can create a problem if a f2p somehow manages to pull a premier from a 10 pull and it takes them 10 rounds to beat an op whale teams rather than 15 rounds


Weird. I usually get “no more videos available” after 0-1 every day. Stopped trying unless it’s in my Daily Missions log

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There has been times where I’ve only been able to watch 10 but plenty of times I’ve been able to watch 50 as well

same for me…

I can usually get about 10 per day. I get the “No Offers” pop up. Does anyone else have this issue or just me? It has been months since I was able to get 30!

I have only ever gotten 30 payouts per day before the ‘No offers available’ notification pops up. This was the first time I’ve gotten an in game message and I only got 20. I can still watch videos my no rewards have appeared for the past two hours when the coin payout usually takes less than a minute.

I guess I’m just earning $copely money now from watching the vids.

Their used to be no limit actually while ago tapjoy removed it as they gain extra revenue. Scopely soon put an end to that and scopely had the nerve to blame tapjoy when I messaged them. Tapjoy said scopely are idiots pretty much says everything.

I have the same problem. The only difference is that I can watch 15 videos. I think the limit is different depending on your country. Some have more and others have less videos / day.

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It changes from day to day for me, this morning i’ve watched 15 and now its saying non available rather than i’m at my limit

some days it lets me watch 50+ others 20 ish

as with everything else there doesnt seem to be any rationale behind it

50 video

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