Victory tokens will there be more as a reward?

we have had only one event with victory tokens as a reward we only have only have 7 days left till the event ends any chance we will get more tokens or will we have to spend to get more tokens

CRW probably.

Yep CRW but mostly they are up for sale. This was another horrible p2p “event”. The wheel is pretty meh too. Just a few great ones and mostly trash that will ride the bench.


CRW (cross region war)

I hope not Crw!!!

We need 2 blitz wars(100 tokens per 1 war) bcs medium/smaller faction cant get even 1 pull…

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Blitz wont happen and no way would it be 100 per blitz. Far too generous.

That’s the entire point. They want the small/med factions to have to buy them.


Hmmmm totally unfair on the mid table Faction as usual Scopely cashing in, what a totally pointless event

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agree,rank below 3 are total fked up, they cant even do a pull

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