Victory tokens more like wasted tokens

Unless my faction gets to this rank(6) in c.r.w. the Victory tokens will become supply depot points.

Scopley stop making top ten the only ranks you care about.


Scopley better give us 40 free tokens like df really ?


You do eventually run out of Top 10 spaces. Flawed ideology you spout there


Factions are always merging or recruiting Bro change regions mix it up

There’s this little thing called loyalty. The people in factions are also the reason why many people haven’t quit yet


Yes, because consolidating into 5 top factions isn’t why we needed region merging in the first place. Heaven forbid people want to stay with the faction and people they like :open_mouth:


Well you can’t have it all bud

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Who said all? I hardly think 2000 5* tokens is really going to improve my faction. You know, you could actually dish out better, proportionate prizes down the ranks and you can create more competitive factions. As opposed to your austerity region of 5 factions. Bit dull.


I would imagine you don’t play much if you are that low



The victory tokens are complete garbage anyway trust me.

The biggest waste of money I’ve spent on this game.
All 4 pulls have been paid for not earned…all have been dupes.

I regret ever buying those offers.
I’m done with there shit tokens…


Set to land in Diamond III mate. Imagine some more :slight_smile:


You’re complaining about getting the best character in the wheel (who gives a f*** of he’s 5*) not one person has said that this wheel is good. You made the conscious decision to buy tokens and pull. The wheel is RNG. There is no rigging. Would you go to a casino and ask for a refund if you lost all your money?

Oh, and one more thing, screen shots of your pulls and refund (else it obviously didn’t happen.)

So I should be envious of your “shit pulls” as you put it? And what’s this issue with a screen shot, what’s the harm in snapping a quick pic, I means dam, I’d take a screen shot if I pulled Jesus.

Actually, I’m over this, you’re boring me, off to the next thread.

Guess what. Most players don’t even get a single pull. That’s how RNG works, dude.

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You’re missing the WHOLE POINT.

Heres a hint… there might be a different way to get the last 10-30 victory tokens that you will end up short… just keep surviving!

Not that it matters to me, I was fortunate enough to get the pull from the AoW, and pulled my 4th Siddiq, so I’m not terribly broken up that $camly screwed the pooch yet again on rewards.

If it was done right, it’d be that the N th place prize should match 1st in AoW where N is the number of regions in the war. SImple… makes sense. Something like 8 region war, 8th is 100 victory tokens, those higher are more (up to say 500), and those lower get slightly fewer.

Yeah it’s pretty sad a 3/4 place faction in AOW won’t get a victory pull. At LEAST the top 5 factions should. Wtf up with 5* tokens?

No… you’re not listening to me. If you were 3/4 in AoW and take the tokens from CRW, you only have to pay $10 for the remainder you need to do a pull instead of the $25 lower factions need to pay.

Get it?

Everyone gets screwed… but you get the lube. In $copley’s mind, you should be thanking them.