Victory Token Pulls[POLL]

When rewards are distributed for CRW tomorrow,will you be:

  • Getting a 2nd pull
  • Getting your 1st pull
  • Not getting a pull
  • Not getting a pull but will buy crates to get the remaining tokens.

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As you all know,Scopely hasn’t given that much Victory Tokens,I will be getting 80 supply points at the end of this. My suggestion to Scopely is just extend the event and throw in another war sometime,but that won’t happen. What’s your opinion?

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Second pull (I spent money tho)

Odd question I got a first but not getting a second…

There needs to be more options… finished first in AOW and third in CRW. So yea, getting two but had to spend to complete the second one.

2nd pull here. Finished first in AOW and will again in CRW

Bought 50 tokens with the free coins I got from leagues, got Red Rosita. Not a dupe, but not excited about her either. I could have gotten her from missions if I wanted, but I guess I can get Viktor now then.

First in both wars will get 2 pulls without spending. First pull was Violet.

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Getting 1st in both wars without spending… Right :roll_eyes:


Gonna get my 1st pull. Got 75 the first time, getting like 60 this time

Didn’t have to buy any cans or repair at all.


i think he is referring to the fact that im sure if you didnt have to repair, or buy cans, then your team is what cost you money. to say you had 2 free pulls would mean you havent spent anything on the game to allow you the ability to do that. if you are winning crw and all out war strictly f2p then by all means great job, and if so, what region?

Got there more than I’d care to talk about lol

Methinks you’ve paid for the privilege of finishing 1st. Show us that undefeated scoreboard, we’ll all believe that was with F2P teams. :+1:

I spent and got 4 pulls and all shite. All dupes.
I have issues…:fearful:

I won’t be buying more tokens again…tokens have been too bad to me in past.

Made up the missing tokens by doing what Scopley wanted by me spending and wasting my money. Just for a crapy dupe. The one toon i didn’t want is exactly what I got. :ok_hand:
Garbage event. :-1:

Doing all of the events and getting a 6* Dwight ??? The worst pull on those events. I got now 3 Blue Dwights

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Same here but it could have been worse. Could have pulled the 5-star Dwight, right? :smirk:

Crap rewards + Crap Wheel = ____ Game.

this wheel didnt seem very crappy too me

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