Victory depot points

Just wanted to say on behalf of all the people who will be getting supply depot points in a few minutes, thanks scopely. :slight_smile:

“Well you should had warred more or should buy them.” Why? So i can get a dupe like most people got lol im good with what i got, im just saying and nothing will change the fact that these wheels have been poor wheels/events.

“But i got Jesus” or “i got multiple pulls” congrats but youre in the minority. This event was short and we had 2 wars to get tokens. AOW 1st place gave 100 and CRW 1st place gave like 125, either way any more than 2 pulls cost money or getting lucky with those crates you could buy for coins and we all know how amazing the rng is.

All in all these wheels can be great but as of now they havent except for the very few.

Enjoy those supply depot points, keep surviving - scopely :smile:


Not even enough supply points to purchase a 4*. Great war rewards, like the last time they did this.


Yep absolute joke. Need better wheels and more opportunity to get tokens.
Yay 6000 supply points…


This is what Michonne has to say when she sees these wheels/events.


Well actually they at least upped the conversion rate. The first time they did something like this, I was at 60/100 aswell and they gave me 60 supply points. The value of selling a Burt.

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Let’s not give Scopely credit by even calling this an event please


I had 90 and couldn’t even buy anymore, shokcing


No it was an event for the top 2 factions in each region, and it wasn’t an event for every other faction in this game lol


Shame they didn’t do a login every day get one ticket like before or run milestones with 5/10/15/20 tokens


A piss poor event is still a piss poor event

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If they were smart they’d leverage survivors club and provide 1 free pull on those wheels for those that have a subscription. But they aren’t smart.

Sad day when this is what is going on.

Hell i spend…not like if they had even a halfway reasonable offer to get another 25 tokens i wouldnt have got it even tho i know another dupe was coming.

I just have an issue getting 3/4 of a pull and not being able to do anything that wouldnt have costed another 25-40 or so bucks depending which offer was bought to acquire a 2nd dupe.

Some lame offer getting 10 a pop or a lame crate getting 5 a pop.


@JB.Scopely you find this acceptable as a customer service representative?


I’m here on forums for more than a year now and this is still happening. I’m tired in fighting them. I think the only way to tell them it is not okay that go into appstore and give them a 1*. Like they give us 1*'s with basic tokens.


Tag him all you want he won’t be on here to help. Better to find him in one of his many Line chat groups.

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Stop asling for a wheel, amd ask for a stash. People wouldnt get dupes all the time… its a start

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Hope scopely give us another wheel like this, we all want more supply depot points please scopely!

I’m very lucky. My faction landed 2nd in AOW and 10th in CRW so I closed out with 105 tokens exactly. Just enough to do a pull without spending and with very little wasted. If anyone ought to be defending this event it should be me.

But no; this was some BS.

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But but milestones for crw was sooooooo good omg you’re just being selfish (sarcasm)

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