Veteran Rings Inquiry

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time now, so I’m (sort of) unfamiliar with veteran rings. I’ve gotten a lot of them from arenas, but I suppose my ultimate question is what is the benefit of upgrading a characters to Veteran level 30?

Think of it as adding 30 more levels to your character. Wouldn’t waste them on anything but S-Class and maybe a few relevant 6*.


Veteran rings do provide an advantage, I find the biggest thing they do is increase the survivablity of a toon, even if … lets say you have a Daiyu, and she dies turn one - for what ever reason, adding five veteran rings may mean that she is still standing there, even if she only has 10 Hp, as long as she is still up, she can drop her infection on somebody, a few rings to buy that extra turn can make all the difference in your match.

Do be careful with how you use them - there are very few Six Stars which are worth while - very, very, few.

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Adding to this, Vet rings give a stat boost to the toons. I asked about the rings back in April. @LadyGeek was awesome to make a chart. It takes 90 rings to max a S-Class to their 30 Veteran Levels so start saving.

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Unlimited powah!

I wish I could get my rings back from before the s class era

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I don’t regret that all that much. At least the 6* I used them on have some use in mixing into atk teams and they are able to compete with non-maxed S-class

Also, if you got really many rings, you can use 1 ring per toon on the ones you tend to use most (SR and endurance arena) as they will get sorted ahead of non-ringed toons

Other than maybe doc stevens and the command toons, I can’t think of anyone currently id put rings on. And definitely not to 30. I put 10 levels on disarm michonne, but that was early on.

I did this before leagues changed and I found myself with a sudden ring shortage. Just for pure convenience.

I agree with the 6 star comment.

Of the few I’ve personally found good value to take to the 30th tier are:
-Doc Stevens
-Jessie Anderson
-Blue Carl (although he is not needed now Lilly exists)

Also put 30 tiers of rings on Cole but very shortly after I’d done this I stopped using him.

Other toons I would think that might be worth it are: Dale, Harper, Slater, Diego, Nik and Command Maggie. This is only because of their command abilities or significant defence down to all.

As well as survivability there is a decent benefit to attack which really helps toons such as Aarav, Priya etc. Because these attack (and def and hp) boosts are incorporated into the toons default stats much like those gained from normal level ups it means that they make an even bigger difference when you have, say, +50% attack on your weapon and are surrounded by 35/15 weapons.

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