Veteran Rings, and Arenas

Arenas is a terrible way to hand out Veteran Rings.

Let’s do some calculating. 90 people in a league. Let’s assume everyone stays in their usual ranks. Ranks are usually static after all, which I shall return to after:

In one day:

  • Person 1, more than likely a spender, will have 36 rings by tomorrow, so one maxed toon a day.
  • Person 2-5, will get some VRs a day. Not enough to max. Maybe a few extra hundred stats.
  • Person 6-10 will get 1 ring. 1/30 of maxing a toon.
  • Person 11-90 - Will get NO rings. They have a small chance of 1 from login, a max of 8 times

In one week:

  • Person 1 will have maxed their team and half of another
  • Person 2-5 will have roughly 2 toons maxed
  • Person 6-10 will have 7 rings.
  • Person 11-90, might have 7, might have none

In one month:

  • Person 1 will have at least 4 teams maxed out.
  • Person 2-5 will likely have a team maxed out
  • Person 6-10 will have 1 toon maxed
  • EIGHTY other people, 90%, Persons 11-90., Will have 8 rings. Currently it will take, drumroll, 4 months to max one toon. Assuming Scopely carry on login stashes of this calibre.

The average player does not want a Veteran Michelle crushing their own unVeteran Michelle. Not in the current meta. I’m fine to lose to Priya and Pete, but losing now to the same toons I have, simply Veteran boosted? That’s going to cause frustration. I don’t know how they pan out in Plat and Gold neither. Is my weak diamond self (Person 15) about to lose out to a good gold player (Person 1)? Is a weak Plat V player about to lose out to a good Plat I?

  • The frustration is going to come from being unable to boost my own toons in a way I can be personally responsible for.

Now-*vital* stat boosts should not be rank rewards. Person 1-10 will continue to hold those spots. Person 67 is not going to luck in and the Top 10 are not going to give up those spots once they’ve finished their promoting. There needs to be a way personally-controlled to get Veteran Rings, and much more than currently available for 90% of the playerbase who are going to get left behind once again. More worringly, they’re not going to get left behind to the latest OP toon, they’re going to get left behind to the toons they themselves have and could beat otherwise.

Veterans Rings could have been a good idea. Unfortunately, with S-Class introduced, anything between 2k base stat and 10k base stat is now merely catching up. There isn’t room or desire for losing out to your own toons, as well as the latest OP addition.

TL:DR: Rank rewards in Arenas cannot be the only source of Veteran Rings. Daily login, while welcome, is still not enough.


I checked another region with a weaker team I have. I checked the arena for that team, and the top 3 are S9 teams or higher.

No way to compete with that.

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Yep, trash system especially since the rng is totally fcked up

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I don’t think they could have fundamentally come up with a worst system. Top scores in my league are 30k. I just spent three tickets and beat all four of the highest teams and my high was 24k. This is an absolute joke to get players to buy more tickets. I could spend 100 tickets and RNG might still not work in my favor.

As you said. In diamond 5 with no chance right now of getting any rings from placement. Meanwhile, the top player in platinum one will get 7 rings. I mean how absurd is that??

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @TayTron read this post and do something about this quickly. This idea is so flawed it’s unbeliavble.


They won’t read your post despite it being insightful, they’re too busy sweeping their other messes under the rug whilst everyone is raging at this one!

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Lol. Not going to stop me trying :wink:

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This could be fixed by adding rings are first few milestones, just saying.

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There is no monetary incentive in that.

More power to you, the whole event is a mess from top to bottom so we’ll see how it all plays out…

Ah who am I kidding? They’ll ignore everything! :laughing:

Yup. Can’t say if milestones is the best system to use, but it’s by far preferable to rank rewards. I can take responsibility if I wish to improve my team without interference from a limited number of places via rank rewards

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We’ll take it to the team… when they get back from their yacht.

Competition generates money! Keep your players competitive and wanting to compete. But that’s a much wider ranging topic that we could spend too long on :rofl:

Jury’s still out on Arenas itself. As an event that’s going to be daily… minimal effort some might like, others might not like the restraint. Will have to give it the week to see.

But the main concern for me is how Veteran Rings are being used as the carrots. By all means have them as prizes, but it can’t be the only place to get them.

The top ten factions could leave then another top ten factions emerge and take over. Their will always be spending

The only thing i would change is everyone should receive at least one ring

Where is this players council? Who do we tag? This is such a hot mess.

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Don’t get me started on that lol. There’s legit no proof it even exists. They can at least post summaries from what was fed back and/or what was decided from the feedback, if they are so desperate to keep the people secret.

Maybe in the form of a promise roadmap…


Couldn’t agree more. I keep wondering what the final straw will be for me.

This! Scopely is definitely the type of company/people that you always need to “watch what the other hand is doing”

It doesn’t exist or we would of heard about by now