Veteran Ring usage

Just outta curiosity what are you using your veteran rings on? In my region people seem to be putting it on random toons like Diego, Amber , Michelle etc. I put a few on Elle and red negan just because I feel like most are beefing up their attack teams so I’m doing the opposite.

Green wayland and red beta

Saving them all for when I get an S class character in 6 years and then will pile them on.


Amber makes the most sense. She can do way more damage than one defensive toon. Diego makes zero sense. In fact, boosting him might get him to trigger payback. So silly.

I see little to no reason to put them on my def team.

Currently I’m just “saving them”

I was going to write this exact thing. None of my characters are in the current meta, so might as well wait for a character who is in the next meta change.

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wouldn’t decaps like Alpha,Tyreese make sense
maybe execution toons?

I am thinking of Zach just to help keep the maim going
just ideas…

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Using them on disarm Bruce for now. No better character to use them on at the moment.

Someone said that using on Decaps makes no sense because they will still only do what ever their damage is done.
I don’t know if I agree, because even if it does nothing to ar when they kill someone it still makes them not revive.?

higher atk = more damage no? faster the decap or exe

I’m putting mine on Regina. I use her on both offense and defense, and her attack isn’t what I want boosted. I want her defense up so she can maim as much as possible.

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I’ll tell you when I win one… Probably need another 3 weeks though

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