Vespiary recruiting

We are a wave 2 faction, currently do not know how transfers will work, if we will transfer, etc but want to get some possible new recruits. Currently looking for active players who love to war. We usually get 2, 3, 4, 5, etc in CRW.

This is an example of our schedule for war. We have a schedule of 2 hour intervals where YOU choose the times you can play. White means free, red means we need players, yellow means those times are full, purple is your times that you picked. If you want to play more but are not in the schedule for that time, ask in game chat first and wait for the go ahead.


When it is your time to war, say here in game chat, you will be assigned a tower, focus your tower, if you see other towers, you can take them. We ALWAYS ghost towers, do NOT put defense in towers! When we find an opponent, you will be told what camp to start with, A or B, attack that general and attack clockwise, move to the next camps general and attack clockwise. We do NOT repair! Once down, youre down.

                -FACTION EVENTS-

Do your best, get your milestones. Don’t do well every solo event and do poor in every faction event. We are a team, we help each other get stronger to help the faction get stronger.


We don’t use Line for our group chat, we use Whatsapp. If you join us, please download Whatsapp and message our lead, she will invite you to our group chats. We have a normal chat and a news chat. Do NOT mute the news chat!


Do NOT put 6* in territories! Only 5*, 4*, 3*, 2*, 1* and trainers. When taking crafting territorys, please write in the group chat we have crafting. Do NOT walker territories!

             -FACTION ASSAULT-

We go in an order. 1 by 1. NO FREE FOR ALL! Say here in the group chat, wait for the go ahead, say ok and attack. 1 attack, 5 minutes. Take a screenshot after your attack and send it to our lead. Post in group chat you are done and what is left, for example, blue Negan, no components or red Negan 2 components, etc.


We are a family, friends, a team. If it can not be resolved privately between each other or if an issue arises, please come to a lead.

If interested please message me on Line app, my ID is ssinless.


So this is who you are!

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Also saw this happens to be your clan in COD as well.

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Or join Irish Warriors if you like getting drunk and tapping the phone with your face xD

Wish you luck recruiting, Sins

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Lol .So ur the guy in the chat with the funny jokes?


Wow, that’s a lot of rules. Seem well organised I guess.

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Crispy bump

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Bump :fist_left: