Very upset........... :(

Hello…i dont know why but i dont received the rewards for the last millestone in this blitz war.i waiting alot and nothing…i sended messages for 2 times to support and nothing.what happening?

Welcome to TWD:RTS where customer support does in fact not support the customers. Keep surviving!


Seriously though that stinks and I hope you get them.


@Andrea_Scopely why u changed my post from bug to general?isnt that a bug?or what?or is a general think who happened all the time to all?the others have the rewards and i dont receive it…what is general on that?

Well at a quick glance I’m guessing a bug means many people at once having the same problem not just one person but this problem has occurred before but you have left some pieces blank are you still in the same faction did you leave did you do something different that maybe would have caused this

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No…i dont leave.i am still here and i received the rewards from the war…only the reawards from the last millestone i dont receive it…i dont understand how that is possible…and sorry for my english…i know isnt the best.

No I had nothing to do with your English it was just a little pieces that sometimes people add to it that you did not then you have a support ticket because you’re probably needing it and also support you got to give a little time to they’re not going to answer your question in an hour more unlikely

Did you get a screenshot? The soonest support has ever responded to me was about 16 hours after I messaged them so you might have to wait. Typically they will require a screenshot and to know what region the issue came from so let them know ahead of time or you’ll have to wait another 12-24 hours for a response

Also I will add for me your problem hasn’t occurred before something similar but not the same let’s see the screenshot of your score

Lol Jeff’s with it

I send the message 6 hours ago…here is the screenshot

That happened to me last Crw, I finally got my milestone reward about 5 days ago. I never contacted support it just showed up.

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If you can log into your account on a different device maybe you will get the reward there. It happened to me 2-3 times in the past that my reward was missing on my phone but i had them in my inbox when i log on the ipad


Open the game, and stay there, while everything is downloading in the background. Sometimes its a lot of time. Don’t close or minimize the app

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Well I got good feelings for you good luck

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Thank you very much…still i waiting the response from support.

Watch out asking them why they did something to your post. I asked why mine one day was made to where it couldn’t be found or whatever. It was closed & I was sent a warning for asking a mod why they did something to it.