Very simple survey

When you think of the company known as "Scopely"what comes to mind?

  • Honest
  • Friendly
  • Exciting
  • Cutting edge
  • Trustworthy
  • Cheap
  • Scam
  • Boring
  • Untrustworthy

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They might need a link to something like this to help them for these results…

Just bumping up to the top.
TBH I’m shocked at how it’s going I put 6 good things and only 3 bad, although I can see how cheap could maybe come off as bad and should have used inexpensive.

Change to multiple choice…

Can I change it now that it’s already going? Or would it reset? I’m new to making survey.

Bumping to the top so we can have a clearer picture, like any real poll a bigger amount of pollers.



Bumping to get eyes on it!

Lol 1 vote for trustworthy

I think it was kalishane when she came on earlier that’s when it showed up but so did cutting edge so maybe another employee??

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You can no longer change it to multiple choice.

Doesn’t matter. We see the trend of how the players feel

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Don’t think we needed a survey to know this :joy:

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Well maybe it will help them improve as a whole?

In a perfect world. Sadly this and Scopley are from it.

I like surveys to gather information but yea there’s no constructive criticism. making one asking where the attention should be the focus is better because let’s face it no one can fix all their problems at the same time, you need priorities.