Very sad day in rockdale

Hi scopely.
The leader of the top faction in rockdale has suddenly passed away leaving behind a wife and child.
Could you help with donations to support his family in there time of need.

It’s such a tragic story.
If the the wtd community would like to contribute no matter how small I’m sure it would be appreciated.
Much love for Eric Lopez aka El Diablo
RIP brother


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That’s so sad! Thoughts and prayers for his family. It looks like he was very loved.

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I flagged the *****. This isn’t about the game this is heartbreaking real life!! When a young man is taken weeks after becoming a father, it’s hard enough coming to terms with the sudden loss, there’s no need for trolling!


You are right this post is about real life, and the original post has no right on this forum in my opinion because this forum is for a game, which isn’t real life.


& humanities ugly nature shows it’s face.

Sorry for the loss buddy, a young man taken from his new born child’s future is too unbearable to consider.

Anyone else not happy to read this story, keep it to yourself & move along, don’t be ugly.


Tbf I accepted this post until I saw the donations section. Don’t think anyone’s going to donate to people they don’t even know


Very sad! Thoughts and prayers to his family and loved ones.

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It’s about a man who played a game, this game, often stepping above and beyond to guide, it’s about how playing a game for years…sometimes on the same team sometimes not…its about getting to know a stranger, it’s about how a community that is so vast yet so unique come together, it’s about respect! To donate or to not is not the issue.


If u don’t want to donate that’s fine. Keep that to yourself.
There are some nice thoughtful people out there that might.
I would hope scopely may donate more than anyone with the millions they have made from us all.


Damn you withdrew that while I was reading it

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Thoughts and prays go out to the family am sorry for your lost.


It’s back lol

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sorry to hear that


go setup in some crowdfunding site

send me link

not much
yet i will try to help

Sorry for your loss & the troll who of course doesn’t know empathy. May you remember him in War and pay tribute to your friend.


The leader gaved his strong last shot at the game even though I have never been to Rockdale I hope the family is doing well and the factionmates too. No one should ever go out like that not even leaving your friends and family behind.

You have my condolence may the father live on his legacy