Very bad rewards

I participate in videogame tournaments, the last one was from Mortal Kombat, I won the first place, it included a prize of 200 dollars for the Google Play account, I took advantage of an offer of 3840 coins for 20 dollars, I opened 10 premier recruits, but Ascopely did it again (asco is disgusting in Spanish, ASCO-pely), I only got 4-star recruits, their sales strategies are good, but those who really put money are going to lose them like that, I won’t do it again.


You have better odds at winning Powerball most days.

There are free casino apps, no chance of winning actual money, but they satisfy that type of urge I hear.

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Maximo, u r right, the odds on this game sucks, i only got a premier toon once and then they put it on the war wheel
Ascopely lo hizo de nuevo bb

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I guess it depends what game you play

Odds are not in your favor.
Mine either.

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