Versus is broke


According to the versus menu, my team which has only three legendarys that are tier 3, and two 5 stars, is marked as team grade S6++, but the opposite team which has a full team of 4 TIER LEGENDARYS and almost maxed out weapons, mods, and rushes, is drum roll please


Excuse me?? How is that even possible? It’s extremely annoying raiding another player when it says they’re in your skill level, but ends up being an S9 you have 0 chance of beating. Anyone know why this is happening? Not the first time.

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Here’s my proof. Does that look right to you guys?

The bot teams you raid are Always stronger than you. Even if they are listed as less rep or less grade, unless you get a team that a player has specifically set up to be a low ball team. I have raided teams with less than maxed leaders, but when you enter a fight they are behind double shields and revive toons. Just the way scopely does it. Supposed to encourage you to spend for better characters.

Welcome to the Suck.

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Team grade have been broken for a bit. It’s one of the things they should have fixed other than andrea gate

They’re S5 because they’re using shitty weapons. Leader skill, weapon stats, and mod stats now factor into team grade. You likely have better weapon stats and/or better mods.


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