Version 8.0 Armory Improvements


Armory buffs from Territories are now displayed on the Town UI when active

Was it just a visual glitch only?

Was the +15% critical success actually added when users crafted weapons upon obtaining the territory?

Cause if not I’m gonna need all those items I’ve wasted back.



areas are still useless got my first stun with out them


I honestly feel it’s a placebo effect, I got two AP downs in one day and AD without territories and AD plus two stuns with them after the update


I got 3 fails while holding crit territories and success territory. I win!


thats how it it never crits with areas but crits fine with out theres something wrong in the coding.


Just to be clear on how these weapon crafting territories work, cause there are still users out there that don’t have a clue in how these things work, me included.

  • Obtain the territory first
  • Then start crafting

I had a chat with support & they reckon once you’ve obtain the territory & started your weapon crafting for the +15% critical success, it shouldn’t matter if you change factions or lose the territory that +15% critical success still stands.

Which is great your faction doesn’t need to hold on to it for dear life.