Ver 9 crashes so often


many times in day game crach and reload itself, cousing us to waist energy, mosty it happendwhen going battlle (raid/terrotory/farm/war) and everytime uses energy :frowning:


The game often crashes when teams get kicked from territories, but that’s an ongoing unresolved issue.
Update 9 however has been terrible. Ive had something like 10 crashes during this war alone. These sort of things can definitely cause a loss. Especially at inopportune times. It takes ages to reload and get back into fighting. When will scopely resolve this issue?


@kalishane any update on this? again waist several times energy on sr because game rebooted it self just after got victory text, and of course it didn’t give rewards, xp or cleared stage, just used energy… but i’m glad i can always use money to buy more jugs… NOT!


yeah happened to me on territories and survival road resulted in wasted energy.