Venture Beat Article - Game Economies

So I just got off the phone with google and explained the issue. They said they will be generating a report for scopelys behavior regarding odds and account specific odds. They told me to share on the forum to have everyone who feels this is wrong to call to report it to google play. They will assist you with a refund along with putting in the report. They told me the more people who report it, then the more they can do, but I opened the initial folks.


It is now less than 2½ hours until the end of the business day at Scopely HQ, and we’ve yet to receive any response to yesterday’s PR disaster.

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Well not everyone, there have been many forum accounts that have disappeared for stating that it’s all rigged and predetermined by your account code. Hell even one of their own has been disappeared for saying this!
CombatMan said this 2 years ago, he said it in a combat mods thread that its based on your account code and predetermined as soon as it hits your inventory.
Needless to say after ppl started getting pissed and asking what else in game is paired to your account code, his comments were quickly d_eleted and he has been MIA ever since.

I’ve been saying this for years so it really not a surprise to me. But I am shocked that he came out and confirmed it though.

If ppl continue to spend after this they seriously need to seek professional help. I for one don’t even think I want to continue playing after this confirmation.


Best of luck to you too

the clock is ticking, where‘s the response? popcorn‘s ready, can’t wait how they going to spin this lmao. it’s season finale

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get your very own bucket of blazing hot popcorn now. act fast +300% value!


Am i in the bucket that will allow me to get the 75 popcorn?


lol sure buddy, now gimme your money :joy:

Scopely would hire you in an instant saying that kinda stuff :rofl:

Screenshot_20190916-144552_Walking%20Dead Screenshot_20190916-144543_Walking%20Dead scamy crap that Scopely. $2.99 for some burts

If u believe those odds now …


Wrong odds, these are actually negative 1% odds

well depending on your bucket this could be a decent offer.


Yep wonder how many are actually in the 1k key bucket

Oh but we are! Didn’t you read what they said about their players?
“They do not have the concept to fully grasp it”
It’s laughable. All the crap in the article has been suspected, but unproven, for years but now we have proof, provided by Scopely itself. Who’s stupid now hmm?
Can’t WAIT to see what bs they try to shove down our throats this time.


The real question is how many of the 1k keys are in the bucket. Once they are “out of stock”, no more for anyone in that bucket. You will however not be notified that said item is out of stock and they will continue to happily take your money and give you the junk rewards.


That is the worst part of it all

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It’s also the part that is most clearly fraud and against Apple/Google policies as well.


“Chances may improve with pulls” should be rewritten to say the reality: “Chances may got down to 0% if too many people in your bucket already received this reward.”


Players who used paypal should follow up with them and see what paypal says.