Venture Beat Article - Game Economies

Yes but the biggest thing here at least for me is that future investors avoid scopely and think twice about others they invest into

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This, I think, is the key. I’ve seen a lot of people amazed that Scopely don’t do this or that - don’t engage well with their customers, don’t respond in specific forum threads etc.

Some people clearly see this as Scopely’s customer service being incompetent. But no, this is willful and strategic.

Just look at the evolution of their customer engagement. Is there any other Scopely title that has a forum? No - because they’ve decided that it’s not effective for them. They employ community managers but have no problems with them posting here sparsely or retreating entirely to a medium like Line. They’re perfectly happy with official announcements being made through unofficial channels.

I’m sure they have their own ways of measuring customer disillusionment. They’ll be looking at spend, obviously, but probably at other things too - such as what percentage of people bother to fill in the surveys that they push out through the game. They’ll be looking at the numbers somewhere rather than worrying about this echo chamber.

That’s why the constructive criticism of their support goes nowhere - because they’re just not interested. They’re looking at their spreadsheets and, as far as they’re concerned, the numbers are all going in the right direction.


I’m not surprised with anything they do to be honest it’s been going on for 4 years why would they change now $$$$$$$$$$$

They really should have Forums for there other games, good source of great, average and poor ideas, and they will just go to social media to air there grievances🤷🏼‍♂️

Response from them:


This, stop hiding scopely



900 replies to this thread, zero apologies.

Scopely, not a good look at all.

Blaming customers for “confusion” when one of your VPs publicly spoke out about what we have all thought for years.

Technically it’s not too late to issue an apology, some form of compensation even.

Completely ignoring this issue when one of Your promises was more transparency with us is just another lie.

Yet you wonder why nobody believes you.


I :heart: All Players ! Does it Help ? I’m sorry for What all We feel has been done ! But even if they did some would accept , some would want compensation etc there’s never a middle ground well Rarely in a Situation like this actually on A Business Stand point this is Norms

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running counter of goof ups, starting today

  1. 23 September, someone forgot to press the go button for faction sr
  2. 23 september , calendar says faction sr, solo sr deployed
  3. 23 September, 2 and 3rd gets 82k 4 star weapons as reward
  4. 23 September, issues discovered shortly before faction sr event causing it to be changed to solo sr event

4 in a day, killing it


At least they are consistent with messing up

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