Velvet cakes((😦


I’m getting sick of not being able to use the cakes I have cause they dont put in any toons most of the players have


Lol same wtf are we supossed to do as ftp

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Omg Tye again

Twice now it’s been changed. I just pulled Alice too. SMH

Still waiting to trade my cakes as well. Why cant we just trade the cakes? I dont see why a toon has to be involved at all. Not like its consumed.


Enforce people to do a mega 100x pull to have the guaranteed spotlight toon. $$$$$

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It’s not even this but the fact that people actually paid for (through coin offers) getting them due of skopelie‘s flawed (intentional?) rng at the premier wheel. They won’t be able to get the needed toons and sooner or later these cakes will disappear though you have paid for. This is real scamming.

Andrea shen she walked I. On Carl doing (redacted) would be a better reaction

I’ve got most of mine through the s club and some from war I’ve never paid for any of the cakes but yea they like to scam people

Still on 475 cakes not a problem here yet

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