Velvet cakes collections

So when are you going to release a collection like this but with f2p toons?
Probably never


They did 2 cake offers ago Allan and holy both war toon pulls

Mercer, Bruce Allan, and Holly were all war wheel pulls. I was able to collect for all of them.

Yes but do remember the atrocity that has been war prize scaling this year. A F2P faction likely won’t have any of these toons and the cake’s a dud


Oh I know it’s definitely unfair in many ways, I was just telling him that there have been toons that were possible for F2p get in the past in case he didn’t know.

It’s like they are basing these toons off my roster lol. I’ve had 1/2 each week lol… bastards are just teasing me!!!

Ps: needing to have toon to turn in the cakes is stupid AF. Just let there be a store for cakes without having the toons.

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I know! Each week I’m trying to hustle cake :joy:
I did several offers that paid out great, so have been able to get quite a bit of cake in last few weeks.

But on this Elena wheel I did a ten pull and got Ascenable Denise, lacerator Rick, and Elena, but no cake.

The odds are 33% so kinda weird, on past maps I could get 75-150 cakes every ten pull.

And now having Elena gives me even more temptation to try to get more cake for Alice/Elena 3200 collectible box :joy:

You are so lucky. i did a 40 on raven with tapjoy coins, and literally, i didnt get anything

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Only collection I could of collected was Bruce Allen coopers but I didn’t have enough cakes now that I do I can’t claim anything


Still don’t have enough cake 475😞

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I have enough cake for one of the 1100 S-Class item toons but it’s always damn Premier toons. Blue 6* Cole when? A 1,100 would put me so close to my second Priya

I have Mia and Mercer but I didn’t have enough cakes when they were in the museum :sob:

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Poster asks when they gonna use f2p toons, then checks he has over 1k cakes lol. Hmm

Exactly no one even has the cakes lmao.


War wheel pulls but I didn’t get a single one from any war pulls. So… where’s the Vincent and kal collections? Maybe Jeremiah?

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I have Holly, didn’t have enough cakes. Then her collection disappeared. The new collections, I don’t have any of them :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I missed out on that.

I don’t have Mercer bruce holy and others, but have 6 Jeremiah from war wheel and can’t claim that superb collection…

There was a tapojoy offer of an arabian app that gave me 7k coins

I’ve got 6 Kal and 5 Jeremiah from those wheels :joy:

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