Vegas Odds? Has anyone cracked the house with this box yet?!


Who’s feeling lucky at .1%?


lol 0.1% just make it 0


Hold my hand Miia, lets do it together - purely for experimental purposes :couple:


I dont wanna waste 500 coins. I probably have a better chance for a better premier character with 500 coins.
Plus I wouldn’t want ten Ezekiels lmao


maybe if it was more of the other tokens lol


If it was a chance between 100, 200, 500, or 1000 Y3 tokens, I would have no problems dropping that amount of coins. I don’t need a Burt.


Is this some kind of joke?


You’d think Scopely could throw a bone once in awhile, but nah.
They have to include shit or what would the fun be?


there giving a lucky few a chance to make up for annigate failure with this surprise box


Lmfao no not even gonna bother dont need 5 more governors and 5 more Spencer that badly .:joy:


You all knew after $5 deal for Carl and mira it would be back to business for them


Haha true, hitting the .1% is half the battle, pulling 10 trash dupe OG ascendable 5*s is probably 85%…


Is there a better example of how games like this are just trying to trigger the gambling addict in all of us, I don’t know?


I remember being mad, not about myself pissing 600 bucks away and only getting man bun Jesus but asking scrapley about odds and having 2 techs insisting there were no odds, it’s all totes random. Havnt spent other than 30 day in almost 2 years. Erika would be awesome but they get the very basic out of me lol


The only thing I can think of is side show alley at circus’s. I’ve spent more than a $100 before trying to knock 3 glass bottles over with a ball of wool to win a $2 stuffed toy.

You know the odds are mud and you’re getting screwed, but still keep going for that miracle shot…


0.1% is just fkn insane… after 100 pulls you’d be no closer to it, ppl who pull for this box are idiots


Just think of how many people would of tried their luck on this trash box if the odds weren’t displayed lol


EXACTLY! That is crazy, i am so glad Google forced these idiots to show the odds


I misread it and thought it was 1% odds. 1500 coins later I rechecked it. :rofl:


Does it really matter? In this game, .1% and 1% are virtually the same thing.