Vanishing SC membership

Can anybody explain this please. Sc membership is taken out of my bank recurring every month.

Because it is a subscription which renews itself every month, you have to cancel it by yourself. Perhaps reading the small written stuff before agreeing to this contract would have had helped.

I think he’s saying that he pays for SC, money is taken and yet he cant get the SC benefits, i.e. daily pulls.

Not an SC member myself fella, as much as it pains me to say this… you’ll need to talk to Support

Where does he says he couldn’t get the benefits? @Ianybob

he’s not especially on anything, just my interpretation :man_shrugging:

Way2real, perhaps you should take your own advice lol. And maybe a visit for an eye test.

Anyways ya, idk what scopely did but somehow kinda lost membership, kinda sorta lol - last pic shows I already have membership
And notice the 31.99 a month price??? As if scopely

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Well, the timer of the free pull button says 00:00:00 not sure how it normally looks. As you said, he has to write to customer support when he didn’t get those SC benefits.
If he wants to cancel this then he has to do it manually by himself.

Normal timer goes from 23.59.59 at which time you get free pull.
Counts down to 00.00.00 and resets to 23.59.59

You have to write to the in-game customer support when you cannot get the SC membership stuff though you have paid for and everything went normal through your bank account or cellular provider. Otherwise there isn’t much people can advice aside of canceling it.

Already did the customer support tix, was wondering if others have had this issue mostly why I made this thread

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Sorry not a member as of the 26th😝


You probably just need to reboot the game and timer will restart if you still have Sc. And if you dont want to renew our subscription go to the Google store app to our subscription and cancel it. In the past when I purchased Sc ,right after I go and cancel so this way it won’t get charge again and if you decide to keep it, buy again and repeat process…

So my comment gets flagged and removed for saying this company is shit and noone should get the membership

This seems to be the issue. He is already subscribed because he gets the error “you have already subscribed”, yet he isn’t accessing the items because the countdown timer states that the membership ends/next draw is in “00:00:00”.

Obviously not getting the benefits and it appears that the subscription is still in effect-unless it is just a glitch where the game doesn’t think that the sub is over yet-like when other counters give this and need a reboot/update to get them to resolve?

cuz you’re not helping the op with he’s issue

Happened to me on Android as well. I had to cancel subscription every month straight after getting it.

Google - Subscriptions are looked after via game companies and we can’t refund it
Scopely - We never received payment so you’ll have to buy it again

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Yea I am I’m telling him to not have it anymore problem solved its worthless anyway what do you really get a free 4* toon everyday on your free pull and a little bit of roster space and no parts for weapons when I’ve never had an issue with parts for any weapon it’s all bull

wow looks like my car is out of gas i should throw it away and get a new one

If you wanna pay for something worthless then go ahead but there is no benefit of having that and if it dont wanna renew that should be a sign to just cancel

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