Value of an S class

This is just an estimation based on my experiences so please, dont try tell me this is right or wrong,its just my opinion, feel free to ignore it.

I based it on torch pack prices as for me, it’s the only constant, reliable way to collect the S class items.

So, theres a few torch pack deals, I tend to only buy at a 10 coin to 1 torch ratio. Although there is 130 to 15, but for the sake of simplicity, will settle on 10:1.

You need 166 torches to get 130 S class items, that’s going to cost you 1,660 coins. 1,660 divided by 130 is 12.76, we will call it 13. So in theory, 1 S class item is worth 13 coins… but we need 10,000, so we add another 4 zeros to our 13… 130,000 coins for your S class.

I’m not to clued up coin packs as I never buy any but if someone wants to finish the maths, please go ahead.


That being said, they’re now selling 400 S class items for 1,650 coins, which works out at 4 coins for 1 item. So maybe forget torches and save for them.

You can get better deals sometimes, right now there’s 2000 collectibles (1000 Aarav and Guo each) for 8250 coins, or 4.125 coins per card. [ETA: oops you pointed that out while I was typing]

Buying torches seems like a supplementary stream at best (and also gives you a piece of T4 trait gear for every 166, etc).

130k coins would be about 16 big pulls, which seems to be the price range of the early sclass promos? I’ve never done a single pull for one of them, but that’s the prices I remember people talking about. Things have gotten a bit cheaper since them, with the guaranteed 5* providing 2k collectibles (and you can get lucky and pull an extra one, plus now the sclass itself…).

Positive spin: This also means for doing something relatively easy like top 50 in a levelup, you get 1950 coins worth of collectibles, and a win gives you 26k. Top faction gets 13k every two to three weeks for little effort etc. Makes the rewards seem pretty decent.


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