Valentines event


Next event, don’t know times imageimageimageimageimage


Hasn’t Scopely already broken our hearts enough?


Oh shit valentines day is coming up.


We’ve asked for trainers. Thank you Scopley.


Thank you for posting @RI8!


A 6 day timer and only a single pull possible…? Damn, that is heartbreaking.


If it’s a free event, it’s better than nothing :slight_smile: but if it’s not a free event then :frowning:


Looks like there’s more than one collection besides lillith. So might get 3-4 pulls



I am guessing we will have to grind heavily to get all 4 since it’s for 7 days. Doesn’t exactly look exciting, but i guess it’s better than nothing.


now more than ever i am wishing they bumped back up that x3 speed…


Much better than the Halloween “event” at least lol


Don’t Thank them yet. They might have snuck in some burts and other useless rubbish in there as well.


12 days winter token? Is that you?


Yeah the early thanks must not remember the multiple events like this were it had a pay wall item or were it was near impossible or were they ended early before final pieces given. So many more then fully functioning "free"events!


It’s a trap. Get it right and you did merely what you were expected to do. Get it wrong and you are in BIG trouble.



200 left hearts for clearing act 1


Another lame non farmable event


Dang I was just going to ask if it was farmable!