Valentine Event Opinions

Will you be spending cash on it? Will there be ways to obtain all the collection items? Or is this event another dumpster fire.

I give this event a Diego chance of me spending money on it or the alpha either for that matter.


question is why is it arrows and only them dropping in raids? intended or someone pressed the button with their elbow again. guess it’d be nice if it was arrows today, necklaces tomorrow and couple of bows in the roadmap or something.

@JB.Scopely mind telling us what’s the plan? thx man

Cupid’s bow was free for me this morning, presume they are a daily log-in reward type item?

I am guessing that the necklaces will either replace batteries in future event milestones or be given out in future roadmaps. Given the event is clearly playing on relationships from TWD, I suspect a roadmap showing Carl/Lydia, Rick/Andrea or something like that could reasonably be expected.

But you’re right, some communication would be nice.


The plan is for you to spend money. I think that answers all your questions.


Nope, terrible odds.

I’m definitely not smelling the roses on this one it smells more like :poop:

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How to collect the items during the event:

  • Log in each day to collect 1 Cupid’s Bow
  • Collect Heart Arrows from Raids drops & Faction Onslaught
  • Collect Heart Necklace in select tournament milestones

Then redeem those items for Heartbreak Tokens in the museum and finally use those tokens in the Heartbreak Token Wheel.


Thanks for the quick response

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Thanks for the info. It’s appreciated. :+1:

Gotta make them odds better if you want some of us to part with our money. Mention the possibility of this to the team.


Yawnslought :persevere:

nice one, thx bud.

Wont be parting with any money for either events for these stupid odds. Why even have 4* in these wheels, we get enough SD points from those ever so good war crates we get from every war. Opening them goes like this

50 sd, 2 basic tokens, 75 sd, 100 sd, 2 basic tokens, 50 sd, 175 sd, 150 sd, aden (bingo i win war), sd pioints zzzzzz


one more question @GR.Scopely
why is it limited to 5 pulls in museum? doesn’t make much sense to buy packs or bags that way unless someone is really impatient.

there’s 2 4* chr when its should be all 5*


Lol new standard measurement of probability, a Diego chance.


its just a visual bug. but i bet a lot get those 4* and when they complain it will be taken to the team lol


Why do you think they’re called “heartbreak” tokens…

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Did someone screw up with this wheel, @JB.Scopely & @GR.Scopely? There’s 4★’s in it when their not listed on the odds part. Ppl are getting all 4★’s from this. They should be removed from this wheel. Clark & Molly are both shown in the wheel.

:joy: :joy: seriously who is working at scopley? Have they gone through 1 event, wheel, stash without making some sort of mistake? I get it there’s a large number of servers and alot going on so a mistake on occasion is understandble but its gotten to the point where its almost daily now that they are messing stuff up. Whether its “visual” errors or straight up making sr 4 stages each map…my kid even proof reads before turning stuff in and hes 12.


I like the event, it’s too bad they used Lydia and (10 year old version of) Carl as the poster children. It should have been @High_Power and @GHOSTONMETOAST.