V.I.N is Recruiting


Notorious, Infamous and Vendetta are all recruiting new players. After the end of season one all three will be in separate regions but for now Vendetta resides in Wilkinson and Notorious and Infamous reside in Troup where we make our own fun. Notorious is the #1 overall faction in Diamond Leagues and Infamous is #11 Overall. Vendetta is also a Diamond League Factions. We are accepting all different types/level of players.

Would love to speak to you more so feel free to shoot me a PM on forums of in Line ID: bane909


I’m glad that region transfers and leagues brought tier 1 faction hoe hoppers to a brand new level, ego is everything in this game, gl in recruiting.


It’s not about ego. It’s about playing with likeminded players that want to war and compete at the highest level. It’s refreshing not to feel like you have to carry others or need to war the whole weekend to win. If you aren’t interested, move on.


Well said


Yeah right, there are always the trucks or whales who carries the whole faction with coins and there are bunch of kids and students that are the most active ones. It’s pure ego and strictly business cause money involved, you’ll be kicked right away if you fucked up your milestones or you overslept a nightshift, cause it’s the highest level competition out here.
You can’t keep up with hackers though, they are just too busy or lazy to ruin every CRW (you know they can). It’s like paying to fight a guy who’s secretly on roids, useless and painful.


I like how the current leader of Vendetta says they arent a part of govs group…yet here is govs group recruiting for them & taking players from Vendetta for Notorious/Infamous :joy::joy::joy:


This is news to us, Vendetta is a part of VIN, hence my recruiting posts.


Damn Wrath took the beating… Ran us away for sure taco taco.


Wrath was a very good faction. Many notable great players. We have the utmost respect for them and all other factions we faced this weekend.

Based on the interactions we’ve had with some of their players, we only expect them to grow and improve as a result of this last weekend.

There is nothing wrong with getting beat by another team. It’s only when you give up and settle for less. Wrath never did. They kept coming at us with each battle. And I know they gave infamous a run for their money.

Each group is managed independently and together. Each has dedicated leads to direct and maximize performance for their crew. These leads then coordinate with the larger group. Obviously as shown here, we maximize recruiting by working together.

We work together with functional chats at each level which ranges from casual fun conversation and team bulding within VIN , to individual faction strategy chats.

In all honestly, I’m amazed at how well we all get along. It’s blown my mind how positive and enlightening the experience has been. We push each other to do better and we open eachothers eyes to new thought processes and strategies.

For me, VIN has been a great experience. I’m not blowing smoke, just sharing my view. As I’m sure there are other views out there, and other rumors as well. Such is recruiting and counter-recruiting.


I joined v.i.n infamous a couple weeks ago and I must say it’s been awesome everyone’s super cool and I’ve really enjoyed it here, and yes wraith from lowndes was really good especially that guy ghostkal he’s a beast lol we had some fun matches


You guys really need to start a fourth group named Ostracized.





How do I earn my way to the D!


Be a giant dick


Honestly, I was a part of the crw with wrath, infamous and notorious. Notorious was in another league. They are so good. My faction found wrath to be tougher than infamous though. The difference was wrath faced notorious and infamous didn’t as they are in the same faction. All of the factions are amazing but wrath got a raw deal there.



Keeping this recruiting thread up.


You need to shift Herc out of V and into I.

That is all.


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