V.I.N is Recruiting!


Vendetta, Infamous, Notorious in the region Wilkinson is recruiting, we are new on the scene since transfer and are looking for some new and fresh recruits. Some of our recent placement are below, of interest reach out via PM and we will get to talking :slight_smile:


That’s a lot of level up points damn


Yeah, we all had a little pent up points


Yeah looks like it lol


Would love if you joined us :wink:


Faced y’all in CRW. I’m in DOW in Dougherty. Not ones to be messed with. Had many of our guys down in only a few minutes (honestly thought cheats were involved). GG to y’all


Good war to y’all, we get that a lot to be honest. I can say we do have promos and we dual each other all day everyday. Like, a lot of duals


Crazy good. Kudos.



Everyone is leaving wilkison lol dont come.

They are a top factions tho, so if you do get a spot with them, then good for you. Just letting yall know that people are leaving wilkison


Bruh those level up points are insane.

Faction is too rich for my blood… Non pun intended or… :wink::grimacing:

So sadly I decline the invite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well congrats on level up I for one am gearlocked af thanks to the gear map revisions i have to pop 20 cans i hope i get what i need.


Yes there are tons of people leaving in the next few days.


If 2 people from Wilkinson are telling yall that people are leaving its because true. You dont have to take our word, but if you have waited so long to transfer then wait 2 or 3 more weeks before you transfer to Wilkinson because the region will not be the same.


And I transferred in & got my coins saved up to move out.


My region faced Wilkinson last CRW, and their top 3 are crazy OP super whale teams. Their region seems extremely top heavy and very unbalanced at the moment. Hopefully that changes for the better, but from what I have been hearing and reading, it seems like the super factions are pushing out everyone else. Nothing but respect to them, their top 3 stomped us. However, I can’t understand how this region, or for that matter, any other region that has these types of super factions, will sustain long term competition and remain an active region.


That’s ok, they are all swearing off spending ever again due to #anniversarygate


Until the next promo drops. :roll_eyes::rofl::joy:


If your dominating like that what to do need people from other regions for just do what’s been going on forever pick off the other factions people


Because we arent up to par…but it doesnt matter anyways no one will be left for them to stroke their egos.


I’m not leaving my region for that so far sub pair rewards


Only difference is 1st place team wins slightly more non trying prizes scopley has set up