UX Improvements

I am looking for a list here - here is the question:

What do you find annoying in the user interface - I will give one example to show what I mean. Computers are designed to speed things up - but we have some problems here that need to be fixed.

  1. In Territories - clicking on each separate reward chest - why not 1 click for all?
  2. Collecting 100k food from the Gear Depot - this takes a lot of time for a simple function
  3. Disassembling weapons with 100 weapon limit - If your grinding you get to the 1000 weapon limit quickly. Perhaps there should be more 3 and 4* weapons and less 1 and 2*

Rants are accepted but place your key improvements at the start. We need to help the developers organize - Did we really need the Roadmaps to look better? Who’s fault is that? Yes our fault. Please think as there is little time as we spend so much time clicking away :slight_smile:


Have you tried the zoom function in territories? When zoomed, each territory has an icon representing its specific bonus. It’s not text, but it is intuitive. Hope that helps.

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He means picking up the rewards of the territories I guess. Those little chests containing the token you gathered.

Yeah, that makes more sense reading it again.

Yes - picking up the chests - I want a list of all time wasters. Then we take this to Dev,

Regarding the Territory reward collection this apparently has been logged as an enhancement.

You know what’s a waste of time? All these fancy animations in the armory. If I’m crafting a couple gun actions (24min, you can skip it at a certain prestige level) one at a time and I have to watch the animation every single time. It also takes some time to load.

Same goes for disassembling weapons. Yes, you can bulk disassemble but you’ll still have the animation coming up. Takes a bit to load just to be clicked away.

Or the animation when you check the factions progress on the FA boss. When it shows you how you progress through the ranks. It’s an animation you look at once in the beginning but then you abort it all the time.

What else? Maybe having to click ‘Apply’ when selecting a Faction helper. :confounded:


Need to press apply
Need to press x on materials pop up every daaammn stage/raid
Soooooo many taps to collect a museum collection
Pointless “conversation” before and after daily roadmap stages.


I just thought of another thing:


It’s a click fest. Every time you buy 100k food it requires 4 clicks (1 purchase, 2 confirm, 3 skip another useless animation, 4 claim).
I just did this 50 times (200 clicks) for the current level up. And this nets me around 200k points. So not even half way anywhere good. And I haven’t even started counting all the clicks for putting the toons in.

And don’t get me even started about having to sell gear for token to buy food with tokens instead of directly getting food. This kind of stuff is boring, tedious and a waste of time. The game is full with stuff like this.

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How about having to open each road map to make the “new” symbol go away. They fixed this before the recent update but its back.

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I’d mentioned elsewhere that I logged an enhancement for this.

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