Utilizing Kal-Thoughts?

Similar to my Anna topic. I’m looking for ideas regarding Kal. I pulled him from the same wheel but I find he just doesn’t hit as hard as I’d like him to.

Has he worked for you? Offensively or defensively?

Feel free to post mod ideas, weapon ideas, team compositions. Just looking for some ideas.


Kal is awesome for me on offense. His best benefit is taunt AR and taunt active skill to get me past shields.

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Yo talking yellow Kal or green Kal?

Neither are really for their offense damage. They are more. About keeping rushes from coming wt you.

Green kal hes the one with taunt

Green Kal*

Solid on offense.

Use him to just taunt revives so they don’t pop. Alternate his rush and active to keep them under control.

Guardian is an extra bonus to keep you alive.

The rest of the slots on your team can be used to put out damage.

One of my favourite toons, i use him in 3 different setups, againts melee, against yellow/blues and against green/blues…guardian shields, stun on att, taunt in both ar and active, he is a great support toon

I just got Kal from 5 star tokens last week and this is giving me some hope for him. Guess I’ll start pushing him for ascension!

He’s Awesome in Faction assualt

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