Utilizing Anna-Thoughts?

So I pulled Anna from a wheel a short while ago and I’m really wanting to utilize her as best as possible. Have you found a good use for her?

Feel free to show mod ideas, weapon ideas, team compositions. She’s one of my rarer toons so wanna get some use out of her.


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I have been using her a lot in my green raid team. I got stun on her weapon.
Probably one Iof the toons I use the AS most on, delays rush for almost the entire enemy team for a turn,

I use her with Green Abe lead, Alpha, Glenn and Bruce. Slaughter most 3revive/2 shield teams,

Love her hits like a truck even with low damage mods attached to her. She pulls Agro with taunt then let’s me next round taunt with rom then repeat rinse

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Best way to utilize Anna is by selling her back to the depot. Jk, put her on a Carl leader team.

I got her recently too, I haven’t ascended her yet though. Only bc I don’t have the gear to level her past t2 and I have absolutely zero mods I could put on her.

I wish I had mods and gear I’d love to ascend her. Toss on some Attack set mods. If I could I’d do gold attack, stun resist, impair resist, alert def and burn.

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