Using the rings to upgrade toons more

So would you use a ring on revive Carl, burn ty, or harper. Or just save them

I don’t have any of them and It’ll probably be like a year before I even get a single ring bc we all know how $¢∅₱€£¥ treats its f2p players lol.
But to answer your question I think I’d do Harper bc of her Disarm which is kind of a must now a days but Ty might be the better choice as he’s a gen2.

I got my ring free. Doing arenas. Spent 250 coin that’s it I’m done on it as in I’m not doing anymore not spending

Depends on how you use Harper. My first rings are for offense. Not that it’s do very well in this day and age. Might as well save until you have your “free” Pete

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